Aileen & Andrew

Eden Barn, Cumbria

If I could actually control the elements, I would give every couple the gift of golden hour. 

I’d like to say I worked actual magic on Aileen and Andrew’s wedding photos, because they had it not once – but twice. Almost as if the sun knew it was their day. 

The minute I set foot in the venue – the intimately charming Eden Barn in Cumbria – it set to work on my emotions. Think gentle wafts of lavender, woody aromas and the soft glow of candles. Just pure calm and joy. Decor was done with restraint, enhancing the barn’s rustic magic without overpowering it. 

As always, the micro-moments made the day:

  • The tender looks from family members as they watched Aileen step out a baby blue vintage car (with matching shoes, may I add!). 
  • The groom’s ear-to-ear grin beaming through a shower of confetti. 
  • The cake topped with felt dogs that looked like they’d stepped straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. 
  • The bride rocking the saxophone in her jaw-dropping dress (WITH POCKETS!)
  • The wonderfully eccentric priest. 
  • The surprising elegance of thistles (yes, thistles) when added to a bouquet of white roses and eucalyptus.

I can’t guarantee you’ll have two golden hours on your wedding day, but I can guarantee you’ll receive enchanting photographs like Aileen and Andrew’s. Drop your info here and I’ll be in touch :)